Karen Hsiao

Graduated from Art Center College of Design with a BFA in Illustration, Karen Hsiao is a self taught Fine Art photographer who uses intense subject matters in an unconventional way.

 Firstly a figurative painter in her early years, Hsiao has since explored the figure and its space through various mediums, creating pieces that are both tactile and intuitive. Photography was a natural extension of that process which Hsiao has sought to perfect. Her work has captured the attention of many primary because of her unique approach to her subject, sometimes with a team of ingenious makeup artist, hairstylists, and couture fashions designers to help materialize Hsiao’s concept. Hsiao has been featured in published works and shown in galleries both nationwide and abroad.

Her first book KAREN HSIAO : RUBBER DUCK is pictorial representation of the conscious and unconscious mind. The rubber duck in her book is a primordial symbol shaped by our developmental and psychological patterns in life. The book starts off with childhood, continues into adolescence, and ends with death. All together neatly tucked into a colorful yet strangely induced image driven book. Published by Baby Tattoo Books.

Her latest book “Black Cherries” the newest collection of works by Karen Hsiao. This collection focuses on the minimalism in design by using simple blacks and reds to express the subtle hints of lust and rebellion within bondage. Three years in the making and after its first appearance in Vanilla Gallery, Japan: Black Cherries have finally made its first book debut in Nov. 2013.